The Wall Street Curmudgeon's collection spans two centuries and includes over 400 prominent and noteworthy books that are rare and scarce, including important first and early editions on risk and speculation, bubbles, panics and crashes, market timing systems and methods of operating, stock swindles, and related histories and biographies published both in America and on the Continent. 

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Allen, Frederick Lewis Only Yesterday 1931
Allen, Frederick Lewis The Lords of Creation 1935
(Anonymous) My Stockbroker is a Bum 1971
(Anonymous) The ABCs of Options Trading 1981
(Anonymous) The Mirrors of Wall Street 1933
(Anonymous) The Seven Pillars of Stock Market Success 1939
(Anonymous) Watch Your Margin 1904
(Anonymous) Wiped Out! 1966
Angas, L.L.B. Investment 1930
Angas, L.L.B. Investment for Appreciation 1936
Angly, Edward Oh Yeah? 1931
Ansbacher, Max G. The New Options Market 1975
Anthony, Joseph The Lost Shirt 1929
Appel, Gerald & Hitschler, Fred Stock Market Trading Systems 1980
Arms, Richard W., Jr. Profits in Volume: Equivolume Charting 1971
Arms, Richard W., Jr. Volume Cycles in the Stock Market 1983
Astor, Gerald Hot Paper 1975
Ayers, Edwin L. Key to Stock Price Movements. Logic of Stock Market Trends 1933
Babson, Roger W. Business Barometers and Investment 1940
Baer, Julius B. and Woodruff, George P.  Commodity Exchanges 1929
Barnes, Regina Laugh With Your Investments 1960
Barron's Making Money in Stock Trading 1944
Baruch, Bernard M. My Own Story 1957
Beach, Rex Money Mad 1931
Bean, Arthur J. Successful Speculative Investment 1928
Beckman, Robert C. Supertiming: The Unique Elliott Wave System 1979
Belden, Clark Common Stocks and Uncommon Sense 1939
Bernstein, Jacob The Investor's Quotient: The Psychology of Successful Invest 1980
Black, Hillel The Watchdogs of Wall Street 1962
Block, Stanley Psyche Sex & Stocks 1973
Boesky, Ivan Merger Mania 1985
Bolton, A. Hamilton The Elliott Wave Principle - A Critical Appraisal 1964
Bolton, A. Hamilton Money and Investment Profits 1967
Bond, Frederic Drew Success in Securities Operations 1931
Bond, Frederic Drew Stock Prices 1911
Bond, Frederic Drew Stock Movements and Speculation 1928
Bosland, Chelcie C. The Common Stock Theory of Investment 1937
Bradbury, Oliver W. The Proper Time to Buy Low Priced Securities for Big Profits 1926
Bradley, Donald A. Stock Market Prediction: The Planetary Barometer and How to Use It 1968
Brainerd, Edgar T. How to Invest for Income and Profit During 1931
Brody, Eugene & Bliss, Betsy  Odds on Investing 1978
Brooks, John The Seven Fat Years 1954
Brown, William The Inherent Function of Money 1933
Browne, Scribner Tidal Swings of the Stock Market 1918
Browne, Scribner How to Read The Financial Page 1919
Burchinal, John W. Wall Street Bootleggers 1928
Burton, Theodore E. Financial Crises 1902
Cameron, Oliver C. Necessary Business Economics for Successful Investment 1925
Cannon, James G. Clearing Houses 1900
Cantor, Eddie Caught Short! 1929
Carpenter, H.G. Investment Timing by Formula Plans 1943
Carpenter, H.G. The Letters of an Investment Counsel to Mr. and Mrs. John Smith 1940
Carret, Philip L. The Art of Speculation 1930
Carswell, John The South Sea Bubble 1960
Chai, Alan (ed.) Cyberstocks 1996
Chamberlain, Lawrence & Hay William Wren Investment and Speculation 1931
Chase, C. David Chase Investment Performance Digest 1993
Chestnutt, George A., Jr. Stock Market Analysis: Facts and Princilpes 1974
Chicago merchantile Exchange Futures & Options Strategy Guide 1990
Clark, Evans Stock Market Control 1934
Cohen, A.W. How to Use the Three-Point Reversal Method of Point & Figure Trading 1978
Cohen, Lester The Great Bear 1927
Coit, Margaret L. Mr. Baruch 1957
Collins, Charles J. Fortune's Before You! 1937
Collman, Charles Albert Our Mysterious Panics 1931
Comer, E. Jay The Security Racket: Behind Closed Doors 1932
Conant, Charles A. Wall Street and the Country. 1904
Consolidated Capital Communications The Financial Deskbook 1985
Cootner, Paul H., (ed.) The Random Character of Stock Market Prices 1964
Corey, Lewis The House of Morgan 1930
Cormier, Frank. Wall Street's Shady Side 1962
Costain, Thomas B. The Tontine 1955
Cottle, Sidney C. & Whitman, W. Tate Investment Timing 1953
Crane, Burton The Sophisticated Investor 1959
Crane, Burton A Century of Financial Advertising in the New York Times 1957
Cressey, Donald R. Other People's Money 1953
Crowell, Frank How to Forecast Business & Investment Conditions 1911
Dadekian, Zaven A. The Strategy of Puts and Calls 1968
Dartell, Norman All I Know About the Stock Market 1962
Darvas, Nicolas The new How I Made 2 Million in the Stock Market 1971
Dash, Norman Great Betting Systems 1968
de Villiers, Victor Financial Independence at Fifty 1927
de Villiers, Victor The Point and Figure Method Complete Theory and Practice 1933
Dewey, Edward R. & Dakin, Edwin F. Cycles: The Science of Prediction 1947
Dies, Charles Amos The Stock Market 1929
Dies, Edward Behind the Wall Street Curtain 1952
Dimock, A.W. Wall Street and the Wilds 1915
Dines, James How the Average Investor Can Use Technical Analysis for Stock Profits 1974
Dow, Wallace Cardinal Investment Principles Upon Which Profits Depend 1925
Dreiser, Theodore The Financier 1927
Dreman, David N. Psychology and the Stock Market 1977
Drew, G.A. New Methods for Profit 1941
Drew, G.A. New Methods for Profit 1955
Dunn, Donald H. Ponzi! The Boston Swindler 1975
Dunnigan, William Practical Stock Market Forecasting 1931
Durand, John The Business of Trading Stocks 1928
Durand, John Timing--When to Buy and Sell 1938
Durand, John The Technique of Uncovering Securities Bargains 1928
Durand, John How to Secure Continuous Security Profits in Modern Markets 1929
Dutton, William S. Du Pont 1942
Edwards, Robert D. and Magee, John Jr. Technical Analysis of Stock Trends 1961
Elias, Christopher Fleecing the Lambs 1971
Engle, Louis How to Buy Stocks 1957
Escher, Franklin Practical Investing 1914
Feyler, Sherman F. Income Growth with Security 1958
Finney, Guy W. The Great Los Angeles Bubble 1929
Fisher, Irving The Stock Market Crash--And After 1930
Fisher, Irving Booms and Depressions 1932
Fisher, Philip A. Common Stock and Uncommon Profits 1958
Fisher, Philip A. Conservative Investors Sleep Well 1975
Flint, Zebediah. Playing the Game 1918
Floyd, William People vs. Wall Street 1930
Flynn, John T. Security Speculation 1934
Forbes, B.C. Little Bits About Big Men 1941
Fosback, Norman G. Stock Market Logic 1976
Fosback, Norman G. Mutual Fund Buyer's Guide 1994
Fosback, Norman G. Billion Dollar Funds 1994
Fosback, Raymond B. John D. Rockefeller Jr., A Portrait 1956
Foster, Orline D. Making Money in the Stock Market 1930
Foster, Orline D. Profits From the Stock Market 1937
Francis, Joseph Hume. History of the Bank of England 1888
Frederick, J. George Common Stocks and the Average Man 1929
Frederick, J. George The Real Truth About Short Selling 1932
Fuller, O. Muriel John Muir of Wall Street 1927
Galbraith, J.K. The Great Crash-1929 1954
Galston, Arthur Securities Syndicate Operations 1925
Gann, W.D. 45 Years in Wall Street 1949
Gann, W.D. Truth of the Stock Tape 1923
Garrett, Garet A Bubble That Broke the World 1932
Garrett, Garet Where the Money Grows 1911
Gartley, H(arold) M. Profits in the Stock Market 1981
Gastineau, Gary The Stock Options Manual 1979
Genstein, Edgar Stock Market Profit Without Forecasting 1954
Gibson, Thomas The Pitfalls of Speculation 1906
Gibson, Thomas The Cycles of Speculation 1909
Gibson, Thomas Simple Principles of Investment 1927
Goodspeed, Bennett W. The Tao Jones Averages: A Guide to Whole-Brained Investing 1984
Graham, Benjamin The Intelligent Investor 1973
Graham, Benjamin & McGolrick, Charles M. The Interpretation of Financial Statements 1964
Grainger, Clive & Morgenstern, Oskar Predictability of Stock Market Prices 1970
Grant, Ellsworth S. Drop bt Drop: The Loctite Story 1953-1980 1983
Granville, Joseph, E(nsign)    New Strategy of Daily Stock Market Timing For Maximum Profit 1981
Granville, Joseph, E(nsign) New Key to Stock Market Profits 1963
Grodinsky, Julius Jay Gould 1957
Guarino, Frank J. Relationship of Stock Market Fluctuations to the Lunar Cycle 1978
Guenther, Louis Investments and Speculation 1911
Haas, Albert & Jack, Don D. Bulls Bears & Dr. Freud 1967
Haberler, Gottfried Prosperity and Depression 1937
Hadady, R. Earl Contrary Opinion: How To Use It For Profit In Commodity Futures 1983
Hall, Henry. How Money is Made in Security Investments: or Fortune at Fifty-Five 1908
Haller, Gilbert Haller Theory of Stock Market Trends 1965
Halstead, Murat & Beale, J. Frank, Jr. Life of Jay Gould 1892
Halstead, Murat & Beale, J. Frank, Jr. Life of Jay Gould 1892
Hamilton, W.P. Stock Market Barometer 1922
Haney, Lewis H. Broker's Loans 1932
Hardy, Charles O. Risk and Risk Bearing 1931
Hendrick, Burton J. The Age of Big Business 1921
Hirsch, Yale The 1977 Stock Traders Almanac 1976
Hirst, Francis W. Wall Street and Lombard Street 1931
Hodgson, James G. Wall Street - Asset or Liability? 1934
Hough, Emerson The Mississippi Bubble 1902
Hough, Emerson The Mississippi Bubble 1902
Howe, James Hamilton The Dragon and the Juggernaut of Speculation 1916
Hoyne, Thomas Temple Speculation: Its Sound Principles and Rules for its Practice 1922
Hoyne, Thomas Temple Wall Street Remodeling the World 1930
Huebner, S.S. The Stock Market 1934
Hughes, Henry W. Jr. This Business of Common Stock Speculation 1946
Hunt, Freeman Worth and Wealth: Maxims, Morals and Miscellanies 1857
Hurst, J.M. The Profit Magic of Stock Transaction Timing 1981
Ibbotson Associates Stocks, Bonds and Inflation.  Market Results for 1926-1996 1997
Investors Gallery Wall Street Printts & Historial Stock Certificates 1987
Investors Intelligence Encyclopedia of Stock Market Techniques 1963
Jiler, William L. How Charts Can Help You in the Stock Market 1972
Johnson, Emory R. (ed.) Stocks and the Stock Market 1910
Josephson, Matthew The Robber Barons 1934
Kahn, Otto H. Reflections of a Financier 1921
Keane, Joseph R. Principles of Security Trading for the Business Man 1926
Keane, Joseph R. How to Buy Low and Sell High 1921
Kelly, Fred C. Why You Win Or Lose 1930
Kelly, Fred C. How to Lose Your Money Prudently 1933
Kelly, Fred C. & Sullivan, B. How Shrewd Speculators Win 1932
Kerr, Joseph H. Jr. Method in Dealing in Stocks 1931
King, John L. Human Behavior and Wall Street 1973
Krow, Harvey A. Stock Market Behavior 1969
Lanier, Henry Wysham A Century of Banking in New York 1922
Large, Laura A. Little People Who Became Great 1935
Larson, Henrietta M. Guide to Business History 1964
Larson, Henrietta M. Jay Cooke - Private Banker 1936
Law, William Successful Speculation in Common Stocks 1934
Lawson, Thomas W. Friday The Thirteenth 1907
Lawson, Thomas W. Frenzied Finance 1905
Lefevre, Edwin Reminiscences of a Stock Operator 1980
Levinson, Leonard Louis Wall Street: A Pictorial History 1961
Lewis, Melville The South Sea Bubble 1921
Lewis, Michael Liar's Poker: Rising Through the Wreckage on Wall Street 1989
Livermore, Jesse L. How to Trade in Stocks 1940
Lloyd, Humphrey The Moving Balance System 1976
Loeb, G.M. The Battle for Investment Survival 1957
Love, Philip H. Anderw W. Mellon 1929
Luskin, Donald L. Index Options & Futures 1987
Lynch, Peter One Up on Wall Street 1989
Macaulay, Frederick R. Bond Yields - Interest Rates and Stock Prices 1938
MacDougall, Ernest O. Speculation and Gambling 1936
MacKay, Charles Memoirs of Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds 1945
MacKay, Charles Memoirs of Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds 1974
Magazine of Wall Street The Investor's Dictionary 1926
Magazine of Wall Street Fourteen Methods of Operating in the Stock Market 1926
Magazine of Wall Street How to Keep Your Money Profitably Employed 1935
Magee, John The General Semantics of Wall Street 1961
Magee, John Wall Street-Main Street-And You 1972
Malkiel, Burton & Quandt, Richard   Strategies and Rational Decisions in the Securities Options 1969
Mamis, Justin When to Sell 1977
Mamis, Justin How to Buy 1982
Martin, H.S. The New York Stock Exchange 1919
Matthews, J.B. & Shallcross, R.E.  Partners in Plunder 1935
McHugh, Hugh Out for the Coin 1903
McMillan, Lawrence Options as a Strategic Investment 1980
McNeel, R.W. Beating the Stock Market 1929
McNeel, R.W. Sick in Bed with Common Stocks 1930
McVeigh, Blake The Wolf of Wall Street 1929
McWhirter, Louise Astrology and Stock Market Forecasting 1977
Mead, Edward S. & Grodinsky, Julius The Ebb & Flow of Investment Values 1939
Meeker, J. Edward Short Selling 1932
Merkle, Daniel R. Relative Strength and Stock Market Timing 1967
Merrill Lynch Publication The Hedger's Handbook 1971
Merrill, Arthur A. Behavior of Prices on Wall Street 1966
Merrill, Arthur A. Filtered Waves 1977
Merriman, Paul and Merle E. Dowd Market Timing with No-Load Mutual Funds 1987
Merriman, Paul Investing for a Lifetime 1992
Metz, Tim Black Monday: The Catastrophe of October 19, 1987...and Beyond 1988
Miller, A.T. What to Consider When Buying Securities 1932
Miller, A.T. How to Make Profits in Securities 1934
Miller, A.T. Five Ways to Build Investment Capital Today 1941
Miller, Jarrott T. The Long and Short of Hedging 1973
Miller, Lowell The Momentum Gap Method 1978
Miller, Norman C. The Great Salad Oil Swindle 1965
Minnota Mining & Manufacturing Co. Stocks and Bonds: The Game of Investments 1964
Montapert, William David The Omega Strategy 1982
Moody, John Profitable Investing 1925
Moody, John The Art of Wall Street Investing 1906
Moody, John The Art of Wise Investing 1904
Moody, John The Masters of Capital 1921
Moody, John The Truth About The Trusts 1904
Moody, John The Investors' Primer 1909
Moore, William C. Wall Street: It's Mysteries Revealed, it's Secrets Exposed 1921
Morgan Stanley & Co. A Summary of Financing 1935-1957 1958
Morgan, Leslie A. Security Salesmanship 1930
Morton, James P. When to Sell to Assure Profits 1927
Mottram, R.H. A History of Financial Speculation 1929
Moundalexis, John Computerized Stock Market Analysis 1983
Munn, Glenn G. Meeting the Bear Market 1930
Murphy, John J. Technical Analysis of the Futures Markets 1986
Myers, Gustavus History of the Great American Fortunes 3 vols. 1909
NASDAQ NASDAQ/CQS Symbol Directory 1994
NASDAQ OTC Bulletin Board Symbol Directory 1995
NASDAQ Fact Book and Company Directory 1993
NASDAQ Fact Book and Company Directory 1994
Neill, Humphrey B. Tape Reading and Market Tactics 1931
Neill, Humphrey B. The Inside Story of the Stock Exchange 1950
Nelson, S.A. The ABC of Stock Speculation (1903) 1934
Nelson, S.A. The ABC of Options and Arbitrage 1904
Nelson, S.A. The ABC of Wall Street 1909
Ney, Richard Making It in the Market 1975
Nicholas, Francis C. Mining Investments and How to Judge Them 1909
Nison, Steve Japanese Candlestick Charting Techniques 1991
Noble, H.G.S. The Stock Exchange 1933
Noble, H.G.S. New York Stock Exchange in the Crisis of 1914 1914
Norton, Eliot On Short Sales of Securities Through a Stockbroker 1907
Noyes, Alexander Dana Forty Years of American Finance 1909
Noyes, Alexander Dana The Market Place 1938
O'Connor, Harvey Mellon's Millions 1933
O'Neil, William J. How to Make Money in Stocks 1988
O'Neil, William J. 18 Common Mistakes Most Investors Make 1986
O'Neil, William J. Common Sense Ground Rules For Today's Investor 1986
O'Neil, William J. How to Select Stocks Using Daily Graphs 1990
O'Neil, William J. The 100 Greatest Winners of the Past 15 Years, 1977
O'Neil, William J. How and When to Sell Stocks Short 1976
O'Neil, William J. How to Use Datagraphs to Make Better Stock Market Decisions 1974
O'Neil, William J. A Readers Pocket Guide to Investor's Business Daily 1986
Osborne, Adam and John Dvorak Hypergrowth: The Rise and Fall of Osborne Computer Corp. 1984
Osborne, Algernon Ashburner Speculation on the New York Stock Exchange 1913
Owens, Richard N. Interest Rates and Stock Speculation 1925
Parker, John Lloyd Unmasking Wall Street 1932
Pecora, Ferdinand Wall Street Under Oath 1939
Peirce, Frederick The Peirce Thesaurus of Security Distribution and Investment 1928
Pizutto, John The Great Wall Street Joke Book 1984
Plummer, A. Newton The Great American Swindle Inc. 1932
Pratt, S.S. The Work of Wall Street 1903
Prenzel, Howard Y. Dynamic Trendline Charting 1975
Propper, Milton M. The Ticker Tape Murder 1930
Pyle, Joseph Gilpin The Life of James J. Hill 2 vols. 1917
Redmond, George F. Financial Giants of America 2 vols. 1922
Reuters The Reuters Guide to World Stock & Commodity Exchanges 1991
Reuters Reuters Glossary: International Economic and Financial Terms 1989
Reuters Reuters Glossary of International Economic and Financial Terms 1982
Rhea, Robert Dow's Theory Applied to Business and Banking 1938
Rheinstein, Sidney Trade Whims 1960
Riesman, David, The Lonely Crowd: A Study of the Changing American Character 1953
Riley, William B. and Austin H. Montgomery Guide to Computer Assisted Investment Analysis 1982
Riley, William. B. Guide to Computer Assisted Investment Analysis 1982
Ripley, William Z. Main Street and Wall Street 1927
Rosen, Lawrence R. How to Trade Put and Call Options 1974
Ross, James Alexander Speculation Stock Prices and Industrial Fluctuations 1938
Rukeyser, Louis How to Make Money in Wall Street 1976
Rukeyser, Merryle S. The Diary of a Prudent Investor 1937
Rukeyser, Merryle S. The Common Sense of Money and Investment 1924
Russell, Richard The Dow Theory Today 1961
Sage, Marchand Street Fighting at Wall and Broad 1980
Sann, Paul Fads Follies and delusions of the American People 1967
Sarnoff, Paul The Wall Street Thesaurus 1963
Sarnoff, Paul Puts and Calls: The Complete Guide 1968
Schmeltz, L.R. Playing the Stock and Bond Markets with Your Personal Computer 1981
Schultz, Harry D. A Treasury of Wall Street Wisdom 1966
Schultz, Harry D. Panics & Crashes and How You Can Make Money Out of Them 1974
Schwed, Fred Jr. Where Are The Customers' Yachts? 1940
Seamans, George This is the Road to Stock Market Success 1946
Sears, John H. The New Place of the Stockholder 1929
Selden, G.C. Psychology of the Stock Market 1919
Selden, G.C. How to Select Investments 1919
Selden, G.C. Investong for Profit 1917
Selden, G.C. The Machinery of Wall Street 1917
Seyler, William Danger Signals 1920
Shachtman, Tom The Day America Crashed 1979
Shaplan, Robert Kreuger Genius and Swindler 1960
Sharp, Robert Lee & Matlock, Wallace H. Risk & Return: or How to Live with Wall Street 1951
Sharp, Robert M. The Lore and Legends of Wall Street 1989
Shepard, W.E. Fads , Fakes, Freaks, Frauds and Fools 1923
Sherwood, Hugh C.   How to Invest in Bonds 1974
Shultz, Burl E. Stock Exchange Proceedure 1936
Shuman, James & Rosenau, David The Kondratieff Wave 1972
Shumway, Harry Irving Bernard M. Baruch 1946
Sieg, Harvey W. The ABC of Wall Street 1939
Simmons, E.H.H. Cooperation Against Securities Frauds 1925
Simpson, Kemper The Margin Trader 1938
Sloan, Laurence H. Everyman and His Common Stocks 1931
Smilen, Kenneth B. &  Safian, Kenneth Investment Profits Through Market Timing 1961
Smith, Adam The Wealth of Nations 1937
Smith, Adam The Money Game 1968
Smith, Adam Supermoney 1972
Smith, Edgar Lawrence Common Stocks as Long Term Investments 1925
Smith, Edgar Lawrence Tides in the Affairs of Men 1939
Smith, Gene The Life and Death of Serge Rubinstein 1962
Smitley, Robert L. What Every Investor Ought to Know 1918
Smitley, Robert L. You and Your Broker 1929
Sparkes, Boyden Customers' Man 1931
Sparks, Leslie E. Investment Analysis With Your Microcomputer 1983
Sparling, Earl Mystery Men of Wall Street 1930
Stafford, William Young Safe Methods of Stock Speculation 1902
Stedman, Edmund Clarence The New York Stock Exchange 1905
Stewart, A. Clifton How to Invest in the Stock Market Successfully 1948
Stewart, Clif Secrets of Wall Street 1950
Stewart, Joseph T. Jr. Dynamic Stock Option Trading 1981
Stilwell, Arthur Edward Cannibals of Finance 1912
Stockbridge, Frank Parker Hedging Against Inflation 1939
Sullivan, Lawrence Prelude to Panic 1936
Sutton, Antony C. Gold vs. Paper: A Cartoon History of Inflation 1981
Swanberg, W.A. Jim Fisk: The Career of an Improbable Rascal 1959
Taylor, Owen Puts and Calls. How to Profit From Them 1933
Taylor, Owen Stop Orders. How To Use Them For Profit 1932
Thomas, Dana L. The Plungers and the Peacocks 1967
Thomas, Gordon & Morgan-Witts, Max The Day the Bubble Burst 1979
Thorpe, Edward O. & Kassouf, Sheen  Beat the Market 1967
Tillman, Carroll How to Forecast a Bull Market 1931
Toppel, Edward Allen Zen in the Markets: Confessions of a Zen Trader. 1992
Train, Arthur Paper Profits 1930
Trump, Donald J. The Art of the Deal 1989
Twentieth Century Fund Inc. The Security Markets 1935
Upshur, George Lyttleton As I Recall Them: Memories of Crowded Years 1936
Van Antwerp, Wm. C. The Stock Exchange From Within 1913
Van Riper, Walker Practical Hints for Investors 1926
Van Strum Financial Service How to Make and Keep Stock Market Profits 1930
Van Strum, Kenneth S. Forecasting Stock Market Trends 1927
Van Strum, Kenneth S. Investing in Purchasing Power 1926
Wakeman, Abram History and Reminiscences of Lower Wall Street and Vicinity 1914
Wall Street Creations The Financial Insider's Catalogue: Wall Street Creations 1996
Walton, Sidney Secrets of Speculation 1962
Warren, George F. & Pearson, Frank A. Prices 1934
Warren, Ted How to Make the Stock Market Make Money for You. 1966
Warshow, Robert The Story of Wall Street 1931
Warshow, Robert Bet A Million Gates 1932
Warshow, Robert Jay Gould The Story of a Fortune 1929
Washburn, Watson & E.S. DeLong High and Low Financiers 1932
Wat, Leslie Strategies for Going Public 1983
Weaver, Mark How to Make Money in a Declining Market 1949
Webb, Richard Me and Lawson 1905
Weinstein, Stan Stan Weinstein's Secrets for Profiting in Bull and Bear Markets 1988
Weinstein, Stan How to use the Professional Tape Reader for Maximum Potential 1988
Weld, Walter E. The Technique of Speculative Investment 1938
Weld, Walter E. How to Chart: Facts from figures with graphs 1972
Westbrook, Wayne W. Wall Street in the American Novel 1980
Wheeler, Goerge Pierpont Morgan & Friends 1973
Wheeler, J.F. The Stock Exchange 1913
Wheeler, Willard W. Common Stocks Preferred 1946
White, W. L. Bernard Baruch - Portrait of a Citizen 1950
Whitney, Richard Speculation 1930
Whitney, Richard Trade Depressions and Panics 1930
Williams, David Astro-Economics 1959
Williams, Frank J. If You Must Speculate Learn the Rules 1934
Wilson, Sloan J. The Speculator and the Stock Market 1963
Winkleman, B.F. Ten Years of Wall Street 1932
Wolf, H.J. Studies in Stock Speculation Volume I 1925
Wolf, H.J. Studies in Stock Speculation Volume II 1926
Worden, Don Tape Reading in an Old and New Key 1972
Wright, Todd How and When to Buy and Sell Securities 1940
Wurdz, Gideon Foolish Finance 1905
Wyckoff, Peter The Psychology of Stock Market Timing 1963
Wyckoff, Peter Wall Street and the Stock Markets 1972
Wyckoff, Richard Studies in Tape Reading 1924
Wyckoff, Richard Stock Market Technique 1934
Wyckoff, Richard How I Trade and Invest in Stocks and Bonds 1926
Zerden, Sheldon Best Books on the Stock Market 1972
Zweig, Martin Martin Zweig's Winning on Wall Street 1986